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Savour the magic of our patio at dusk for a musical, theatrical and convivial experience!

The line-up includes Blues, Jazz, a tribute to French singer-songwriter Claude Nougaro, Pop, Folk… and the Commedia dell’arte. Please book in advance for our events – our contact details are at the bottom of the page.


9th July 2022

Gravy Kings is led by Olivier Leray on guitar and vocals with his personal and effective style, and they’ll carry you off into their musical universe right from the very first chord.

Leray is accompanied by Roger Lepreux on keyboards, and a rhythm section with a hypnotic groove made up of Luc Baquet on bass and Joe Klimek on percussion. This band from Toulouse belts out a very heartfelt, energetic sound that lies on the crossroads between Blues and Soul.


23rd July 2022

“Baron! Your wife has given birth! Not to a son, but to a daughter!” This is disastrous news for the dreadful Baron Knorr who was hoping for an heir to the throne. Come what may, he’ll make his daughter… into his son, Victorio!

“La Foire du Trône” (The Throne Fair) is a Commedia dell’arte show whose contemporary writing incorporates current affairs – it’s action-packed with twists and turns and cross purposes! The characters perform a wild, frantic script peppered with cross-dressing, and even the audience will have a role to play!


6th August 2022

This gig is a love song dedicated to Claude Nougaro!

The 2 musicians from Toulouse bring him back to life in this faithful and vibrant rendition on piano and vocals. If you close your eyes, you’ll think that Nougaro is still with us…


13th August 2022

What this Pop & Folk band loves best of all is covering hits that are part of our collective memory.

Their set includes tracks from artists they’re particularly fond of such as Sting, David Bowie, Joe Cocker, John Lennon, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Jeff Buckley and Bob Marley.


20th August 2022

Flexisax is a quartet of hugely talented saxophonists producing marvellous musical moments in which Classical, Jazz, World Folklore, Cinema and Pop tunes mingle.

Combining virtuosity, humour and a lot of interaction with the audience, from soprano to baritone, the range of this sonic journey is vast, with a single common thread: to offer a unique musical interlude that’s entertaining and convivial.

More events to come

Admission: €15 to €20 (free for residents) – Catering on site
On reservation
Tel: 05 31 23 65 43

Culturel agenda

Les événements éphémères

La Monestarié s’associe à Arts Evasion !

Galerie d’art familiale et itinérante imaginée par Patricia et Emmanuel qui ont croisé le chemin d’artistes à l’écriture très personnelle, des artistes qui créent avec leur âme et qui font voyager.

Un objectif commun simple : vous offrir des émotions à travers une sélection d’artistes professionnels authentiques, accessibles et éclectiques, à découvrir un peu partout dans le domaine…

Exposition éphèmere, visible seulement durant la saison estivale, oeuvre disponibles à la vent

Why not take a look around the estate before you go?