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Domaine La Monestarie : chambre d'hôte Tarn, Occitanie

La Monestarié​

Charm, elegance and a Tuscan feel

A timeless mansion reminiscent of an Italian villa along the route of the Albigensian fortified towns, combining the allure of yesterday and all today’s comforts.

Perfect for recharging your batteries far from the world’s hustle and bustle, and ideally located to set out and explore the area – La Monestarié is sure to meet your every expectation!

Get ready to fall for the charms of this magical place that leaves no-one indifferent!

Exclusive breaks

What a pity to only enjoy a single night of La Monestarié’s charms !
Extend your stay, discover our exclusive stays and masterclass.

Bed & Culture

A unique & exclusive experience

Bed & Culture arose from our desire to share our luck at being born in this region in the middle of the sublime, unspoilt Occitan countryside surrounded by villages that reflect the past and its rich yet simple culture.

With our themed breaks, experiences and encounters in the area and the remarkable or extraordinary local sites, you too can become a little Occitan for a while…

Patio du Domaine La Monestarié où se jouent concerts, soirées, séminaires

La Notte, La Note ♫ new saison

Discover our concert evenings and enjoy a night at -20%!

Découvrez l'Occitanie, le Tarn et la sublime Cathédrale d'Albi en séjournant au Domaine La Monestarié : chambre d'hôte dans le Tarn.


An exceptional "terroir"

Our beautiful Occitan region has all the ingredients for happiness!
Visit the “bastides” (fortified towns), the beautiful city of Albi with its cathedral and museums, the majestic Midi Canal and so much more!

Meet the people who make pastel dye from woad, or wander round the picturesque farmers’
markets… Stroll down the small roads in the undulating countryside or pass through the vineyards…

Discover and savour the local “terroir” wines and cuisine that encapsulate the generosity of the area and its inhabitants.

A little bit about us

Rebecca & Didier

In this region, people reply “With pleasure!” to every “Thank you”, and this sums up the spirit that
drives us – we’d like to keep up the tradition!

La Monestarié has given us a chance to return to our roots and start a new life. We’ve always loved nature, beautiful houses, receiving guests and having conversations about our local area, sharing our taste for travel, all kinds of culture and good food.

But, in addition to offering accommodation in an outstanding setting, we want to create unique experiences during your break in a warm, friendly atmosphere where nothing is forced. We’d like to offer you an interlude of light and freedom with a love for the simple, authentic pleasures in life, meticulous detail, exquisite aesthetics and comfort. This is the inspiration that gave rise to Bed & Culture.

The rest of the story will be written with you as we meet…

Rebecca et Didier Mauro, propriétaires du Domaine La Monestaire, vous livrent leur histoire avec Le Domaine La Monestarie, chambre d'hôte d'exception dans le Tarn.