Destination “Occitania”

Get ready to fall for the charms of Occitania, our beautiful region!

Castres and the Sidobre Mountains

You’re sure to fall for the charm of Castres, one of the Tarn’s most beautiful towns and the “Venice” of Occitania! Why not make the most of a romantic escapade aboard a riverboat to admire its colourful houses suspended over the river Agout? Did you know that a few miles from the town, one tumultuous night, the Gods hurled rocks from the Sidobre Mountains? They fell on the banks of the Merle Lake, piling up like 3 cheeses near the Saut de la Truite and one of them, known as the Peyro Clabado, is still balanced upright … it makes for an forgettable hike!

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La notte, la note

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