Exclusive breaks

Exclusive breaks

It would be a shame to enjoy only a single night of La Monestarié’s charms!

Why not succumb to the temptation of our exclusive 3 to 5-day breaks where everything is planned to fulfil your every desire:

Feast on homemade breakfasts and our carefully-selected Chef’s dinner.   

Take a trip, attend an art workshop and a country walk, travel on a barge along the water or in a vintage car with the wind blowing through your hair!

Enjoy a surprise, or a drinks party and tastings during the opening night of your very own exhibition!

Absorb the local culture with private trips to concerts by moonlight, and so much more! 

“Savour the hour that chimes as you would take from the orchard a ripe fruit that offers itself, asking nothing in return”

Touny-Lérys, a local poet.

Why not visit the estate before you go ?