Discover our concert evenings and enjoy a night at -20%!

Exclusive breaks & Masterclasses

Exclusive Breaks

It would be a shame to enjoy just one night of La Monestarié’s charms!

Why not succumb to the temptation of our exclusive 3- or 4-day breaks where you can enjoy:

  • Homemade breakfast in the courtyard with carefully selected fresh produce
  • Art or cooking worships, country walks in the vineyards, or an original way of exploring the area on a barge down the canal or in a vintage 2cv car
  • Surprises, exhibitions, wine-tasting in our wine cellars, moonlight drinks and concerts and much more!

Everything will be meticulously planned so that the magic works and your break enchants you!

«Savour the hour that chimes as you would take from the orchard a ripe fruit that offers itself,
asking nothing in return»

Touny-Lérys, local poet.


Why not succumb to the temptation of a break at La Monestarié by taking part in a masterclass. Make the most of the skills and knowledge of talented professionals during an immersive experience in a subject that fascinates you.

Over the seasons, we’ll be offering masterclasses in photography, writing or painting.

Our panel of professionals will evolve and we’ll be sure to share it with you!

Are you a master in your field and looking for a charming, authentic place to organise your masterclass? La Monestarié offers various areas for your workshops and the comfort of its suites for an unforgettable stay. Let us know yourrequirements and we’ll be delighted to host your group. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why not visit the estate before you go ?

La notte, la note

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Discover our concert evenings and enjoy a night at -20%!