About us

Rebecca & Didier

Back to our roots !

After 23 years of busy life far from our native region, we leapt at the opportunity to combine a career change with the chance to return to our roots.

We’re fans of nature, properties of standing, receiving guests, discussions, sharing our taste for travel and culture in all its forms, and delicious meals – so the project to open a guesthouse was an obvious choice. A year and countless visits later, La Monestarié appeared at the end of our path, and the adventure began…

But in addition to offering accommodation in an outstanding site, we want to create unique experiences during your break in a warm, friendly atmosphere where nothing is forced. We’d like to offer you an interlude of light and freedom with a love for the simple, authentic pleasures in life, meticulous detail, exquisite aesthetics and comfort. This is the inspiration that gave rise to Bed & Culture.

The rest of the story will be written with you as we meet…

Wy not visit the estate before you go ?